MACHIMIMOU PARIS - Philanthropic Over-Expensive Fashion

MACHIMIMOU PARIS – Philanthropic Over-Expensive Fashion

MACHIMIMOU PARIS - 50% for Philanthropy

We are the first fashion company ever to donate 50% of all our revenues to Philanthropic causes, thus initiating a pioneer vision of sharing economy.

MACHIMIMOU PARIS - 100% Handmade in Paris

Our iconic sweat-shirts are 100% handmade in the heart of Paris, respecting the state of the art tradition of expert local Artisans.

MACHIMIMOU PARIS - Handmade Cashmere Sweatshirt

50 hours of work are devoted to tailor each MACHIMIMOU PARIS cashmere sweat-shirt. They are unique pieces, made according to the desire of each customer.

MACHIMIMOU PARIS - Handmade Embroidery

25 hours are spent by our Parisian couturieres to manually embroider the MACHIMIMOU PARIS signature, performing the « à l’aiguille » secular technique.

MACHIMIMOU PARIS - Finest Double-Sided Cashmere

The Finest double-sided cashmere has been selected for its luxurious texture and incomparable feeling.

MACHIMIMOU PARIS - Unique Over-Expensive Price

The price of all our products is voluntarily fixed at 100 000 €. It is the condition of the 50% donation model sustainability, as well as the extreme craftmanship’s quality.

MACHIMIMOU PARIS - Price re-allocation breakdown

Price is reallocated is as follows: 50% Philanthropy, 25% taxes, 15% costs, 10% earnings.

MACHIMIMOU PARIS - Fair to the Community

All in all, close to 90% of our revenues goes to Philanthropic Donations, Public Welfare via taxes and Local Artisans.

MACHIMIMOU PARIS - Matching Cashmere Colors

Each MACHIMIMOU PARIS sweat-shirt comes with its complimentary gift box and gift bag, in matching cashmere colors.

MACHIMIMOU PARIS - Handmade Wood and Cashmere Gift Box

Our MACHIMIMOU PARIS sweat-shirts are protected in a handmade luxury case, marrying responsibly sourced wood and high-end cashmere. 25 hours of tapestry are dedicated to craft it.

MACHIMIMOU PARIS - Handmade Cashmere Gift Bag

More than a gift bag, it is a unique piece in itself. With 75 hours to tailor it, handmade couture, manual embroidery, superior cashmere, it is made with the same care as for all MACHIMIMOU PARIS items.

MACHIMIMOU PARIS - Made with Time and Love

Our experienced Parisian Artisans dedicate their savoir-faire to craft each unique set, made of a sweat-shirt, a box and a bag: 100 hours of embroidery, 50 hours of couture, 25 hours of tapestry.

MACHIMIMOU PARIS - Respect of the Environment

We carefully choose natural and recyclable materials, without ever compromising on quality, such as the finest cashmere for our sweat-shirt, gift bag and complimentary box.

MACHIMIMOU PARIS - Crystal Clear Philanthropic Donations

Our donations are handled by independent certified organizations. As an engagement of transparency, we choose to make our annual financial statements public.

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